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      1. Shanghai ABM Rock Wool Co., Ltd.

        Established in 1986,  Shanghai ABM Rock Wool Co., Ltd. specializes in producing all kinds of high-quality rock wool products and was awarded as a landmark enterprise by China Insulation&Energy Efficiency Materials Association. Dafeng Economic Development Zone(in Jiangsu Province), the company's newly-built production base,  has imported world class  advanced equipment and technology with the annual production capacity  of  70,000 tons for the project (phase I). As a benchmark for green manufacturing in China's rock wool industry, its product quality and all the environmental protection emission indexes have reached advanced level in the industry. 

        The company's main products include: rock wool for external thermal insulation, rock wool for roof insulation, fire-proof rock wool board, marine rock wool products, rock wool for color steel sandwich panels, rock wool wire mesh blanket and glass fabric blanket, agricultural rock wool products, thermal insulation pipe and shell and rock wool engineering fibers, etc. The company passed the authentication of Quality Assurance System ISO 9001 in 1998, and its products have obtained the usage license or recommendation for the insulation materials of various industries such as electric power, chemical industry and petrochemical industry. Marine rock wool has been approved by multiple International Association of Classification Societies such as ABS, MED, DNV, LR, NK, KR, CCS. And the building products have obtained CE, UL and FM certification of EU. The “YingHua” brand and products have won the titles of "Shanghai Famous Brand", "Shanghai Famous Brand Product" and "Jiangsu Famous Brand Product" respectively.

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