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      1. Shanghai White Butterfly Pipe Technology Co., Ltd.?

        As a holding company of Shanghai Building Materials (Group) Co., Ltd., Shanghai White Butterfly Pipe Technology Co., Ltd.  is a high-tech enterprise, the vice-chairman unit of China Plastics Piping Association  and the core committee member unit of National Plastic Products Standardization Technical Committee. The company has successively developed PP-R pipeline series, HDPE water supply and gas pipe, PE-RT , PP-R plastic-aluminum composite pipe, 3S mute drainage pipe, HDPE ground source heat pump special pipe, PB heating pipe, oxygen-resistant PE-RT pipe, HDPE drainage pipe (HDPE same-layer drainage, HDPE siphon drainage, etc.) and other series of products.

        The company has a number of pipe extrusion production lines with full-automatic on-line detection function and a number of injection molding equipment imported from Krauss Maffei of Germany, and equips with welding and detection test equipment, which can produce plastic pipes of various pressure levels and matching pipe fittings. The products are widely used in municipal water supply, drinking water, purified water, building water supply and drainage, chemical industry, medical treatment, heating and other fields. The enterprise has successively won the titles of "Shanghai Famous Trademark", "National Inspection-free product" and "Shanghai Famous Brand Product".

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