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      1. Shanghai Building Materials Group Waterproof Materials Co., Ltd. ?

        Shanghai Building Materials Group Waterproof Materials Co., Ltd., is an key enterprise specializing in waterproof building materials. Combining scientific research and development, production, marketing, engineering construction and technical service, the company owns a well-known trademark “Moon-Star”. 

        The company has introduced a complete set of the advanced automatic multifunctional production line of Reiser in Germany, with an annual output of 10 million square meters of various quality waterproof materials such as modified asphalt membrane and color asphalt tiles. The company's main products have been successively applied to well-known buildings such as Shanghai  Stadium, Hongqiao International Airport, Pudong International Airport, HuaHong NEC909, the new campus of Shanghai University, the underground garage of People's Square, General Motors Corporation, Volkswagen Corporation, Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant Phase II, Beijing Jingxi Hotel, Shanghai Pudong Jin Mao Tower, and have been sold well all over China and  exported to Southeast Asia, South Africa, Middle East, South America, Europe and other countries and regions.

        Since 2001, color asphalt tiles have been used as designated materials for flat-to-sloping roof conversion project in Shanghai area and have been widely used in flat-to-sloping roof conversion project in dozens of cities across China.

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