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      1. Shanghai Building Materials (Group) Industrial Co., Ltd.

        Shanghai Building Materials (Group) Industrial Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned state-owned subsidiary of Shanghai Building Materials Group directly under Shanghai Land Group, with a registered capital of 129.25 million yuan and registered in Shanghai Free Trade Zone, China. With independent intellectual property rights and brands, it is an entity enterprise that integrates research and development of new technologies and new products in the building materials field, makes building materials products and services at home and abroad for integration application and market application,  and provides system integration business and contracts for professional decoration services. The company has established good and unobstructed business channels with well-known domestic enterprises in various industries such as China State Construction Engineering Corporation, Shanghai Construction Group, Shanghai Chengfang and Trade zone Decoration, and has set up overseas business expansion window and platforms in countries such as Japan and Australia. At present, the company's annual domestic and foreign trade volume exceeds one billion yuan. The company's "Shencai" brand Class A Composite Core Fire Board  obtained the authoritative certification of Intertek company's "Australian standard AS1530 fire-retardant and fireproofing test for building materials".

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