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      1. Shanghai Design & Research Institute of Building Materials Industry Co., Ltd.

        Shanghai Design & Research Institute of Building Materials Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Building Materials Design Institute") has professional architectural design capabilities in both "industrial design" and "civil design" as well as  professional qualifications such as Grade A of building engineering and  new building materials engineering, Grade B of cement engineering design.

        Founded in 1978, Building Materials Design Institute  has won 18 ministerial and provincial level awards for various excellent engineering designs and consulting since its establishment. The industries it was involved include: building materials (mines, cement, concrete and concrete products, glass), composite materials (glass fiber reinforced polyester  products, water supply and drainage pipes), waste disposal and utilization (construction waste, domestic waste, industrial waste), chemical industry (paint, food additives), metallurgy, machinery, auto parts, schools, hospitals, commercial buildings, office buildings, civil buildings, etc. Its projects cover most provinces, cities and autonomous regions (except Beijing, Tibet, etc.) and southeast Asia, eastern Europe, Africa and other regions and countries.

        The Building Materials Design Institute has the professional skills of research and development, production, cost control, trial use of new products, application services for building materials products in combination with practice.  It has undertaken more than 2,000 projects including design, consulting and project general contracting, and participated in the development and introduction of 1.5MW wind turbine blades project and the annual output of 200 sets of wind turbine blades project, etc.. Its Industrial design projects include Yizheng project and Wuhan SYP Auto Glass Company project, China's first production line of recycled aggregate wallboard, Dujiangyan Earthquake-damaged Waste Disposal and Utilization Plant. In the field of civil design, we have cooperated with many domestic and foreign firms, and participated in urban planning, project bidding and commercial planning of many projects, such as: residential area in the main urban area of Lingang New City, Sanlin Expo Home, Nanjiao Zhonghua Garden in Nanhui District, Shanghai,  Fudi Hangzhou Jiubao Project, Zhangjiang Pharmaceutical Valley Exhibition Center, Zhangjiang Group Office Building, R&D Area C of Zhangjiang Biomedical Base,  Zhangjiang Bank Card Industrial Park Comprehensive Service Base, Master Plan for  Zhangjiang Campus Phase III Project of Fudan University, Jinshan Fengjing Town Administration Office Center, Jiading South Gate Planning Design, 350 Beds Nursing Home in Huangdu Town, Jiading District, Chonggu New Century Commercial Plaza in Qingpu District, Caolu Commercial Street, Wuxi International Business Center, Changshu New Century International Garden, Wenzhou Saint Angelo Commercial Project Planning and other projects, which  involve many fields of design such as planning, housing, commerce, clubs, public buildings, hotels, villas, office buildings, hospitals, schools, and landscape design.

        In recent years, the Building Materials Design Institute has been actively exploring the field of ultra-low energy consumption buildings, and completed the first near-zero energy building (which has been incorporated into the World Bank's support and demonstration projects) in the city with an integrated design and construction model. The company participated in the preparation of "Shanghai Technical Guidelines for Ultra-low Energy Consumption Buildings" and actively carried out the design and research of the city's first new materials industrial park project piloted in accordance with this guideline. Started Strategic cooperation with ENN Energy Holdings Limited and Sino-German Passive House Technology Development (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, the Building Materials Design Institute is studying a new mode of building energy conservation combining green building materials and green energy, and establishing an ultra-low energy consumption building materials bank and supply chain management. The Building Materials Design Institute will strive to become a service provider for providing healthy and comfortable comprehensive solutions of ultra-low energy consumption buildings and contribute to energy conservation and emission reduction in the China's construction field.

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